Hardtops Cover King Top

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Almost every pick-up user finds out while using the car that it´s difficult to place the load or luggage safely in the open space. There is danger of thieves, weather influence and even it´s impossible to transport animals.

We have the solution.  Hardtops to cover the open space we offer are designed to provide maximum load space. Are you looking for elegant, sporty-looking hardtop, or just the commercial-purpose pick-up hardtop? Our line of products includes the base model (water-resistant Jumbo Box, Maxbox), various shapes of hardtops, even the hardtops for special conditions (rescue). Our products are designed to compliment the styling of your vehicle. You can choose the design and the level of the equipment as you require.

Ours hardtops We produce by hand lamination. New models for current pickups We produce by RTM or Vacuum lamination.

All canopies are to install with an easy clamp-on fitment. There are 6 clamps that fix the hardtop in the right position.

Glass fiber construction hardtops Sport Lids – hardtops, winches, bed liners, over/under-rails, sidesteps, front bars and other equipment for pick- ups Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota .

We produce hardtops and accessories COVER KING and motorboats Cover King Boats – www.cover-king.eu

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