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Almost every pick-up user finds out while using the car that it´s difficult to place the load or luggage safely in the open space. There is danger of thieves, weather influence and even it´s impossible to transport animals.

We have the solution.  Hardtops to cover the open space we offer are designed to provide maximum load space. Are you looking for elegant, sporty-looking hardtop, or just the commercial-purpose pick-up hardtop? Our line of products includes the base model (water-resistant Jumbo Box), various shapes of hardtops, even the hardtops for special conditions (rescue). Our products are designed to compliment the styling of your vehicle. You can choose the design and the level of the equipment as you require.


All canopies are to install with an easy clamp-on fitment. There are 6 clamps that fix the hardtop in the right position.  

Glass fiber construction hardtops Sport Lids – hardtops, winches, bed liners, over/under-rails, sidesteps, front bars and other equipment for pick- ups Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota . We produce hardtops and accessories COVER KING and motorboats Cover King Boats -




22/11/2013 19:55

Ford Ranger with our new canopy CKT SPORT

We added to our photogallery new pictures of our new model of hardtop CKT Sport for Ford Ranger 2012 more photos you will find here - CKT Sport Ford Ranger
22/11/2013 19:54

HT CKT Work II for Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab

We added to our photogallery new pictures of our new model of hardtop CKT Work II for US pickup Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab . This canopy is equipped with remote handle, interier and brake lamp. Hardtop for version Crew cab is also ready for you. At this moment we are developing hardtops with side...
22/11/2013 19:51

New photos of CKT WindowsII on Ford Ranger

We added to our photogallery new pictures of our new model of hardtop CKT Windows II on Ford Ranger Wildtrak. This canopy is equipped with roof rails and rear spoiler with brake lamp more photo here HT CKT Windows II Ford
06/12/2012 17:50

New foto in our photogallery for hardtop CKT Sport on VW Amarok

We added to our photogallery new pictures of our new model of hardtop CKT Sport on VW Amarok CKT Sport VW Amarok
26/10/2011 23:37

Our hardtops CKT Work in Loprais team in Dakar rallye

Loprais team, which takes part on various competitions including Rallye Dakar uses our hardtops CKT Work on teams ´attendant cars Nissan D40. Link to see pictures here Loprais Dakar     Direct link to Loprais team pages -
26/10/2011 22:29

Sale of XTCII on Mitsubishi L200 up to the year 09

26.10.2011 21:39 We put into the section sale - 3 last pieces of the hardtop XTCII on Mitsubishi L200 up to the year 09 Price 29 990,- Kč ex VAT More info on  Sale / HT
20/10/2011 11:56

Fleet delivery 2011

New pictures in our photo gallery - we offer new fleet deliveries of hardtops CKT Work 2011. We are able to realize these deliveries for every brand - VW,Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda. In case of your demand, please contact us to get the fleet price calculation. Photo gallery Fleet...
10/10/2011 09:16

Hardtops on VW Amarok

Since March 2011 new hardtops  CKT Work  ,  CKT Windows, CKT Basic on VW AMAROK are available, There are also bed liners and tool boxes on stock.  Within one month will be also available models CKT Sport a CKT Profi. More information on Availability of models , ...
02/07/2009 23:47

News in the production

We made changes and innovations in the manufacture of all hardtops we produce to bring the higher quality and better use value.   + each layer and sandwich material is handmade laminated instead of lamination by spraying          advantage...



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