Questions and answers - installation handbook

User manual - how to care

To start with – there are  some important information for the user about the service and maintenance of following types of Hard tops and their modifications.

Cover King Top - Standart Work, Windows, Delux, Full box, Sport lid, Super sport, G500, XTC II, 840...


In case you weren´t get used to the general service while buying the new hardtop, please read carefully following instructions about the process of defect elimination.


The right position and fitting of the hardtop

  1. After driving fist 100 km with the new hardtop, it is necessary to tighten clamps or bearing laths (by Sport Lids only) and repeat this after driving every 5000 km. In case of neglecting these instructions the hardtop could unclamp and so damage the car and the hardtop itself. There is also need to screw and tighten well screws and nuts of doors and gas struts. There is danger of screw loosing – this is intended especially for lockable mechanism of hardtops with large doors – Lids (G500, 840, GSR...)


  1. The system of locking the doors or Hard Lids (by SportLid)

There is no special service except for the item Nr.1. Possibly there is only need of oiling the lockable parts (locks) with an oil-spray.


  1. Handle.

It´s important to pay attention to the right function of the handle and especially of the lock. The functionality of the lock could be reduced by the dirt and frost. These effects are possible to avoid by oiling the lock from the key-side with an oil-spray. This is meant especially for Sport Lids where the handle is placed in horizontal position – danger of freezing. Handles are designed for the maximum pressure of 50 kg if locked. In case you control the locked hardtop – don´t use much strength – during the time the lock could be damaged.


  1. Gas struts

There is no special service except for the item Nr.1


  1. Rare glass door – in winter months there is needed to pay special attention by opening and closing the doors. You have to remove all frozen snow from the space between hinges and round the gas struts. Otherwise there is danger of breaking the rare glass.


The pickup hardtops are not constructed to have the 100% water resistance and even the best montage can´t avoid it.


If you have any questions about the right fitting of the hardtop, please contact our service on the phone number 774 477 886. Ordinary claims are arranged by our service that made the montage of the hardtop.

Proof of purchase is needed by arranging the claim.


How to install the hardtop Cover King? – Installation manual

Preparing of the car before the hard top  fitting: By cars with the load metal frame behind the car cab it is necessary to remove this frame and treat with the anticorrosive paint those places where the frame was cut off the load space. By Nissan D40 there is necessary to silicone the holes in corners behind the car cab to avoid the water leaking.  Electricity for the interior light or additional brake light will be plugged by all cars in the back light. There is required to drill from inner side a hole to the light to get the electric connection. Interior light is connected to parking lights (it´s working only when parking lights on) or with an independent 12 v cable of the fuse. Brake light is connected to brakes. Both lights of the HT have the common frame – black wire.

Fitting of the hard top on the car:  is same for all cars.  Close the doors of the pickup. Close the door of the hard top and fit it so that the hard top overruns 5 cm on the tail. Straighten the hardtop in the longitudinal axis and move it towards the cab so that the closed door of the hardtop fits tightly with the car doors.  Pay attention and lift up the hardtop, so that the rubber gasket of the hard top would not be deformed. Let´s try to open the rare door of the hardtop and close gently so that the window locks clap lightly.

Now is possible to tighten the hardtop with added clamps and connect electricity. Here are pictures of the right fitting.

fitting of the HT.jpg ,P1070923.JPG

Frequent mistakes – fitting of the hardtop right tightly behind the car cab. This mistake has the effect that the hard top is fitted more in the front and so the rear window of the hardtop doesn´t joint with the rear door and it´s difficult to close it. In this case there is need to redo the step fitting of the hard top.

Montage and service: after the right fitting of the hardtop there is necessary to complete the montage with the added set of clamps. After tightening of all clamps, control the screws holding the clamps.  It is necessary to control and possibly tighten all clamps after driving about 1000 km. After tightening of the hardtop to the deck there is necessary to control the lock of the rear window of the hardtop and possibly adjust locks of the window and their drawbars.

Adjusting of the hard top locks on following pictures: rear window.jpg,hinges.jpg , lock drawbars.jpg , windowlock.jpglock HT.jpg


My delivery is damaged by the forwarding agency, what should I do?

It is necessary to check during acceptance of shipment by recipient, if the package is not defective. In case of damage there is necessary to open the package with the forwarding agent. In case you find out the delivery is damaged it is necessary to file reclamation with the agent. To file a claim (damage by transport) is possible this way only. In case of delivering damaged windows – there is also necessary to file reclamation. Without this document we won´t be able to file a claim. Our deliveries are insured but the insurance company pay for the compensation only in case of damage report during the acceptance of shipment by recipient. Check immediately the delivery during acceptance. There won´t be regards to successive reports. ,